Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer the most common questions here but get in touch if you need more information.

Do you hire out vehicles without a driver?

No, our service always includes a highly experienced driver. This means that once booked, you can relax and concentrate on your musical performance or film production.
For self-drive, contact Stagehire.

Can Bandrunner help to organise schedules?

Yes, once briefed with your tour dates, we will draw up a workable itinery including all costs and timings for your approval. This includes international tours where we can advise on the best ports and airports for your schedule.

How can we calculate fuel costs?

The simplest way is to let Bandrunner know your venue locations and we'll work it out for you. If you need a rough idea to calculate the budget yourself, our vehicles cover around 25 miles on a gallon of diesel.

How much weight can a Splitter Van carry?

Around 1000kg in the LWB vans and 1300kg in the SWB vans.

What is the arrangement regarding payments?

For one-off dates, we require a small deposit and will invoice for the balance after the job is done. For longer tours, we would negotiate a percentage part-payment in advance, and invoice for the balance once the tour is completed.